Registration for Classes

Registration Policy & Procedures:

Students pre - register for classes in the spring (March).  Students are advised by the counseling staff of their academic standing, graduation requirements and university requirements during the counselor classroom visits.  Each student will meet one on one with their guidance counselor.  At this time, students request which elective courses they would prefer to take.  Core classes such as math, science, and English are not always selected by preference but may be based on academic level.  Classes requiring application/contract/approval (AP classes, TA, Instructional tutor, Office Assistant, PALS) will be registered once student completes form.  The registration process helps us plan the number of sections we will need for classes and distributes students equally. 

Therefore, students will not be able to change requests/classes once submitted.

Students will bring home a draft of their requests for approval/review home before final submit.  Students can view a copy of their final schedule in Skyward at the end of August.  All schedules are reviewed by the counselors for accuracy prior to posting.  Counselors are available a few days before school by appointment if there are any errors in a schedule.  Note:  We do not move  courses to accommodate elective, teacher or lunch preferences.

At anytime you can review your students Career Cruising Course Planner.  Every Fall Counselors spend time in all grade level classrooms working and advising students on their High School & Beyond Plan including all Post High School Options and drafting their Future Course Selections (4 year plan)

 Click the link below to Career Cruising you can view Course Catalog and Student Planner.

8th Grade  Advising Day - March 1, 2017 @ LMS
Freshman, Sophomore, Junior Advising -
English classes IN Computer Lab MARCH 18-30