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Our Strategic Commitment

The Lynden School District Strategic Plan was developed through the input of community members, parents, staff, and students. During the 2013-2014 school year, 16 focused group listening sessions were conducted, establishing the overall direction and prioritiess for this plan.  Input and feedback was gathered and a number of drafts were developed and reviewed.  The Lynden School District Board of Directors and the Lynden School District Administration spent many hours reviewing the information and suggesting amendments to the plan.  The final priorities are a direct result of the input and feedback from many stakeholders.  The three areas of focus in the plan identify the work that will take place in the Lynden School District.

Each of our school's will create an annual School Improvement Plan that reflects the priorities in the strategic plan, as well as its own unique challenges.


Student Learning:
Ensure that students are engaged and accountable learners, meeting high expectations in rigorous and relevant learning environments.  Focus on strengthening the interaction between classroom instructiont, the curriculum, and the learning task.

Parents, Family, and Community Engagement:
Focus on collaborative, inclusive partnerships with parents, families and our community and celebrate student success through a variety of communication avenues.

Safe & Healthy Learning Environment:
Provide safe and secure schools, with an emphasis on overall health and well-being.


We believe the best way to improve schools is to improve instruction.  This means that improvement in student learning occurs as educators increase their knowledge and skill to provide high quality instruction in  every classroom for every student every day.

We believe that we cannot achieve high levels of learning for all students without strong collaboration and partnerships with our families and community.  Lynden schools are an extension of the Lynden community.  It is our goal to communicate effectively with our families and community and provide meaningful opportunities to collaborate and work as partners in the learning proces..

We believe that students learn best in a safe and healthy learning environment.  It is our goal to ensure schools and classrooms are free from harassment, intimidation, and bullying and that each student feels safe at school.


Strengthen instructional knowledge and skills and provide highly engaging lessons each day for every student.

Identify essential content and provide adequate time for teachers to teach the skills and content and for students to learn the content.

Develop and maintain effective communication between the Lynden School District, staff, parents and community stakeholders.

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