Building Forward: Progress at both Fisher and Lynden Middle School projects

Building Forward: Progress at both Fisher and Lynden Middle School projects
Posted on 02/07/2017

Movement east. That’s exactly how construction crews have planned the work at Fisher Elementary School. With the west end of the school already framed, the next phase of the project moves workers toward the east, part of the plan to have the new Fisher built and stocked in time for school in the fall.

Framing on the more complicated west end includes the new gym, offices, cafeteria, stage, kitchen and library on the second floor. The next phase will move more quickly as the classroom section to the east provides for a more streamlined construction process.

And while crews continue to move forward on building the school—the community can watch the progress of the Fisher project via a live webcam on site—decisions remain ongoing to plan for furniture, fixtures, technology, phone and security systems and plenty more.

“Some decisions are ongoing and some are more solid than others,” says Jim Frey, superintendent. “We are getting close on most of those decisions.”

The often-icy Lynden winter has slowed work at Fisher, moving the project behind schedule slightly. “We will find ways to make it up somewhere along the way,” Frey says. “We can find some ways to accelerate construction in the spring when the weather is good.”

Along with the construction of the new building comes the transition of moving from the old to the new and demolishing the old, likely sometime in late June or early July. “It is not as easy as moving the kids out of there,” Frey says. “We have a pretty big move to get materials, supplies and equipment out, stored and into the new school. The timing will be critical in a short period of time.”

Once everything gets moved, demolition can happen to make way for the new parking and transportation flow at Fisher.

Lynden Middle School

Work continues below ground at Lynden Middle School, but changes above ground will become noticeable in February.

While crews continue to place underground utilities, plumbing and electrical, the next big phase will come in February when the slab and foundation get poured.

 The Bond’s Good News

The district received good news when the bid for the new middle school project came in under budget, a “big surprise” given all indications around the construction industry that projected an increase in construction project cost.

The additional resources allow the district to address other capital projects otherwise not possible without the additional funding. Expect priorities to focus on building additional classrooms into both the Fisher and LMS projects to address any future enrollment needs, updates to safety and security measures at all schools (alarm systems, access controls, fire panels, etc.) and some much-needed maintenance at all schools that could include HVAC systems, parking lots, floor surfaces and phone systems.