How Lynden will handle missed school days

How Lynden will handle missed school days
Posted on 02/17/2017
With snow wiping away a week of classes in February—combined with inclement weather erasing classes on Dec. 12—Lynden Schools was left six days short of the state requirement to hold school for 180 days.

Jim Frey, superintendent, has announced a board-approved plan to account for those six days. Changes to the calendar include:

• Change the April 10 teacher workday, a non-student day, to a school day for students.

• Submit a request to the state to waive two school days based on “emergency circumstances beyond our control.”

• Use the three days set aside for inclement weather in the school calendar, June 16, 19 and 20, as makeup days.

“These adjustments will make it possible to maintain the integrity of the 2016/17 calendar, keep graduation on its scheduled date (Friday, June 9), and not have to extend school in June any further than necessary,” Frey says.

The changes will present issues for graduating seniors, however, as they are allowed to be released from school only five days prior to the end of the year. The seniors will either need to make up school time after graduation “or in some other flexible manner.”

Frey says figuring out a solution for making up the time for seniors remains preferable to changing the graduation date and the associated impacts on families who have already made plans.

“We hope we are done with the extreme winter weather,” Frey says, “and are looking forward to a warm and sunny spring.”