Mrs. Minckler's Page

Hi students!

I sure do miss you, the library, and, of course, all of our awesome staff members!

It's been so hard not seeing you everyday! I've brought home all of the library books that still needed to be processed, so, I'm able to stay busy, thankfully!

I've also started a new LHS Library Instagram page! Big learning curve for me here! ;)  Please check out this new Instagram page @lyndenhslibrary!  

On this page, I'll try to keep you engaged with some new book ideas and some "oldies but goodies!" All books that I post will be available to download from the public library. You might have to place some new/popular books on hold because of the high demand for digital books during this time. So, it might be great to download an older title that you've been wanting to read.

Please visit my other links on this site for information on how to access eBooks/eAudio books.

Here are some pics of my at-home library work space--including a pic of my newest library TA, kitty Beau. He loves this library space! He especially loves rubbing his cheeks on the books and trying to eat the book tape. He can be a little bit of trouble sometimes!

Take care everyone and stay healthy!  And, please keep reading!

Mrs. M :)