Scholarship Resources

Each year our HSBC searches for National, State, and Local scholarship opportunities for our students. We update this database often so keep checking back.

While we try to include as many opportunities as we can, we encourage you to search for scholarships online, through employment (your's, and your family members), church and auxiliary organizations ( Elks, Rotary...)

BigSun      June 19
Careers that Work   June 22
Automotive Hall of Fame  June 30

American Indian Graduate Center   July 15
4-H and FFA Dairy Community   July 15

Aspiring Nurse Scholarship  August 31

Nancy Fortin October 31

Alert Essay Scholarship
Art Grants and Scholarships  various deadline dates


Note: Some scholarship organizations ask schools to nominate one student for their scholarship.  LHS is a large public high school - students interested in being considered for a scholarship opportunity that require a nomination need to bring a current high school resume highlighting their leadership, community service and high school coursework to the Career Center. Based on the scholarship criteria LHS will select the best qualified student to nominate (selected students need to follow through on all application details).  
 Students can access national scholarship opportunities at  and for opportunities in the state of Washington