College Tech Prep

College Tech Prep Opportunities available at Lynden High School


College Tech Prep is a unique program that allows high school students to get a jump-start on their post secondary education. High school Tech Prep courses, identified by a (*TP or logo symbol) in the course title, meet the entry-level course requirements of comparable college courses at local Community and Technical Colleges. Students who take College Tech Prep courses earn both high school and college credit provided the student demonstrates proficiency in the identified college course competencies with a “B” or better grade. (An automatic “B” or better does not constitute Tech Prep credit. At the end of the semester, each student who has successfully achieved these criteria will complete the College Tech Prep/Dual Credit process. Students will complete the on-line registration process and pay a one-time“transcript fee” of $25.00 to the college (required with the first request only; the fee allows the college to create an academic transcript for the student). Students receive a college transcript indicating the number of college credits earned and grades received for each College Tech Prep course completed. As a high school program, College Tech Prep is a college preparatory program that provides students with the academic knowledge and technical skills required for success in their chosen field.

For students who continue with their college education after high school graduation, the College Tech Prep courses/credits may apply to elective or core requirements, depending upon the student's major. Students planning to attend other colleges may request that an official transcript be sent to the college/university admissions office to evaluate the classes to determine if credits will apply to elective or specific program requirements. College Tech Prep credits are primarily intended for two-year technical education programs in Washington's community and technical college system. Students should consult with four-year colleges or universities to determine specific credit transfer requirements.

For additional information contact the Counseling Center or the teacher of a College Tech Prep class. Check the College Tech Prep website for more program information.


Courses available at Lynden High School for College Tech Prep credit are:
Accounting I, II, III, & IIII Medical Terminology
AG Technology Advanced
Personal Finance
Computer Applications I & II