Clubs & Activites

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Clubs & Activities

This is a list of the current Clubs & Activities offered at Lynden High School.  We encourage all students to join one of our student-run clubs or activities.  It is a great way to learn about an interest, build new friendships and learn skills that will help you in the future!

How do I attend a meeting?

Some meetings are drop-in, while some clubs & activities require you to contact the advisory first.  Here is how you can find more info:

If you are currently enrolled in Option 1, you can access Clubs & Activities through the "Activity Period" tile on your Canvas dashboard.

If you are not Option 1 or do not have that tile, please get a link to the meeting by emailing the advisor below.

When do they meet?

FULLY REMOTEall Clubs & Activities meet Wednesdays from 9:10-9:40am.

HYBRID, Clubs & Activities will meet according to the list below:





Meeting Time (when Hybrid)

Band Club

Mr. Galligan

Email Mr. Galligan


Fridays 9:30am

Bible Club

Mr. Hutchins

Email Mr. Hutchins

Bible Club Video

Fridays 11am

Board Games Club

Mrs. Bailey

Email Mrs. Bailey


Not Meeting

Conservation Club

Mrs. Keating

Email Mrs. Keating


Fridays 10am

Creativity Club

Mrs. Maxwell

Email Mrs. Maxwell

Creativity Club Video

2nd Friday Each Month 10:30am


Mr. Henderson

Email Mr. Henderson

 eSports Video

Fridays 11am


Mrs. Bogues

Email Mrs. Bogues

FBLA Video

Monday 2pm & Fridays 10am


Mr. Grubbs

Email Mr. Grubbs

FFA Video

Fridays 10:30am

French Club

Mr. Tetu

Email Mr. Tetu

French Club Video

Fridays 10am

Health Occupations (HOSA)

Mr. Korthuis

Email Mr. Korthuis

HOSA Video

Fridays 11:30am

Impact Club

Mrs. Anderson

Email Mrs. Anderson

Impact Club Video

1st & 3rd Friday 10am

Knitting Club

Mrs. Tetu

Email Mrs. Tetu

Knitting Club Video

Fridays 10:30am

L Club

Mr. VanDalen

Email Mr. VanDalen

L Club Video

Fridays 12pm

Lions Read Club

Mrs. Minckler

Email Mrs. Minckler

Lions Read Club

Fridays 10am

Multicultural Club

Mrs. Toften

Email Mrs. Toften


Fridays 9:30am

Photography Club

Mrs. Medcalf

Email Mrs. Medcalf

Photography Video

Mondays 1:30pm


Mrs. Carey

Email Mrs. Carey


Thursdays 1:30pm

Robotics/TSA Club

Mr. Lewis

Email Mr. Lewis

Robotics-TSA Video

Fridays 9:30am

Role Playing Games Club

Mr. Richins

Email Mr. Richins


Fridays 9:30am

Serving Our Community With Kindness (SOCK) Club

Mrs. Harris

Email Mrs. Harris

SOCK Club Video

Friday 10:30am

Students for Diversity & Inclusion

Mrs. Garza

Email Mrs. Garza


Fridays 11am

Teen Court

Mr. Soltman

Email Mr. Soltman

Teen Court Video

Wednesdays 1:30am