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Registration Policy & Procedures:

Course Selection Sheet by Grad Year
2021 Registration Form
2022 Registration Form
2023 Registration Form
2024 Registration Form

November - December: The counseling team has spent time in grade level classes advising all students generally on course selection based on their graduation requirements and High School and Beyond Plan.
March 12 through 28:  Counselors will meet with all current 9th, 10th, and 11th grade students during an English, History or Science class in the computer lab to complete official registration. They will reference the to‚Äčthe course catalog to determine classes they are interested in.  Once students enter their requests, they will print out a draft of their selections to bring home for parents to review and sign.
March 30:  All signed registration forms are due to the counseling center.
April:  Student request numbers are used to determine the courses that will be offered based on student interest, and the number of sections for each course.  This is why accurate and thoughtful registration is so critical and why schedule changes are not permitted after March except for extenuating circumstance.
May-June:  Staffing assignments, class sizes, and rosters are drafted.
August:  Student schedules are made active on Skyward.