LL Community Service

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LL Community Service

Purpose:  To provide structure, opportunity, and recognition to students who choose to actively volunteer their time to organizations throughout our community, and others.    

Provides students with opportunities to:

·        Offer service to their community

·        Gain work experience

·        Qualify for the LHS Community Service Scholarship opportunity at time of graduation (100 hours minimum service requirement)


Rationale: This program has been designed to encourage students to find and participate in volunteer opportunities throughout their high school career.  In addition, we will help them to track and certify the countless hours of volunteerism that they perform over their four years while at Lynden High School. 



1.   Students must collect all paperwork from the LHS Career Center prior to the volunteer project start. Verification forms are located in Career Center as well as on our website.

2.   Students may only include volunteer hours obtained while enrolled as a Lynden High School student.

3.   Students will be responsible for recording all of their hours and obtaining a signature from a supervisor for certification. The parent of a student may not sign as the supervisor.

4.   Once a student has reached the 100+ level & is a senior – they will become eligible to apply for the LL Community Service Scholarship

5.   We can only accept volunteer hours for the current school year.  We encourage you to submit the forms on a monthly or quarterly basis. Forms are to be turned into the High School and Beyond Center.  Hours will be keyed into Skyward, where a printout can be made for employment, scholarships and college applications and other.

6.   Volunteer hours earned as part of a club or class project or requirement may not be included – however, hours donated over and above the requirement may be included. Your advisor will need to sign the volunteer form stating that the hours to be logged are indeed over and above.

7.   Hours earned over summer should be turned in at the beginning of the school year in September.   The deadline for submitting community service hours is June 1st of each school year.


Special Circumstances and Exceptions –

Church Service – Unless there is a very specific event such as day camp, teaching, rummage sale, etc., students will be limited to 2 hours a week of community service credit ONLY (i.e. attending church, singing in the choir, playing musical instruments for services, alter serving, candle prep, cleaning up and setting up for services, etc.).

 How Do I Join?

1. Print the Parent Permission Form from this  website or collect a packet from the High School and Beyond Center or online at

2. Have your parents sign it.

3. Turn it in to the High School and Beyond Center.

4. Select an organization

5. Volunteer at that organization

6. Complete the Community Service Hours Form (also available on our website) and have the Volunteer Coordinator sign it.

7. Turn in your hours to the High School and Beyond Center.  (Always keep a copy!)



Q: Where should I go for answers to my questions about the Community Service Awards Program?

A: Read through this information first. If you don't find the answer you need, feel free to email us at mehlhoffl@lynden.wednet.edu or stop by the High School and Beyond Center.


Q: Who runs the Community Service Awards Program?

A: The Career Center oversees the program.


Q: I'm a junior…how many hours of community service do I need to qualify for the opportunity to apply for the LL Community Service scholarship?

A: All LHS students will need to volunteer at least 100 hours during their four years at our school in order to receive the opportunity.


Q: I did 10 hours of community service three years ago when I was a freshman at the Lynden Library.  Will those hours count toward my community service award?

A:  Yes and No. Yes, community service hours worked for the Lynden Library count toward this award, but if you earned them three years ago and never turned them in, they no longer count."


Q: I'm a senior and for one of my college applications I need a letter on LHS letterhead stating how many hours of community service I've done in the past four years. Can you provide that?

A: Yes, we can provide a letter for you based on the hours we have for you in Skyward.


Make sure to turn your hours in to Mrs. Mehlhoff!

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