How to Download eBooks from WCLS



How to download FREE eBooks or eAudio books

from the Whatcom County Library System


(You must know your public library card and pin numbers prior to signing up.)

Step one:

Create an account at “Washington Anytime Library” via the public library website.


1.  Visit

2.  Select “Digital Services” on the “Books and More” tab.

3.  Go to Washington Anytime Library by selecting the “Get eBooks and Audiobooks” link.

4. Sign up for an account at this site. This will only need to be done one time. You will need to select “Whatcom County Library System” on several different pages during this process.  Do not select “Bellingham Public Library” as they are actually a separate entity from the Whatcom County Library System. You will also need to add your library card number and pin number several times. 

5. You may find that it is most convenient to browse for eBooks and eAudio books on your computer.

6. Select books to download. They will be put into your personal library.  These will be accessible on your device(s) once you’ve completed step two below.  If desired, you may download each of your items on to three devices at one time.

7.  You will also be asked to select your desired length of check out (for example, 14 or 21 days).  After this time, your books will disappear, and you may have to check them out again (if available).

8.  There is also a very useful “HELP” button on this site that can help you with your particular device if needed (select “devices” tab).

9. Students under the age of 18 may need adult permission and there are filters available.


Step two: 

Download the “Overdrive” library app on your device.


1.  Visit the App Store on your device.  Search for the “Overdrive” app.

2.  Download the app.

3.  Create an Overdrive account by using your library card and pin number. 

4.  You will have to select your library branch (you could choose the Lynden Library Branch) and the Whatcom County Library System.

5.  It is encouraged that you select the box “remember my login information” for easy access.

6.  Open the Overdrive app on your phone and your books should already be there!

7.  You may now browse for and download books directly on your devices if you’d like—or do this on your computer. 


Ask Mrs. Minckler or a public librarian if you need help!