Fresh themes to start the new year

This year's theme. . .
Posted on 09/05/2018

Lynden Academy and Lynden Preschool

Connecting with Students, Families and Staff

Lynden Academy wants to start its 15th year with a plan on building community. New office space and the ability to expand throughout the site Lynden Academy moved into within the last few years allows for easily made connections.


Bernice Vossbeck Elementary

BVE is a Sea of Treasures!

Setting up a reading theme each year has BVE focusing on a deep dive into the wonders of the world. Staff looks forward to strengthening “our swimming strides as we develop further our understandings about getting along with others, as well as treading in the fundamentals and in the love for literacy as we emphasize safety and well-being.”


Fisher Elementary

Be Safe, Be Respectful, Be Responsible

Introduced last year with a focus on positive behavior intervention support, the school-wide expectations were introduced. Staff worked with teachers to award students through the year doing what’s right and being respectful, responsible and safe. This year, Fisher staff plans to work on student-engagement strategies to improve not only academic needs of students but all social-emotional needs.


Lynden Middle

Creating a Legacy of PRIDE

Playing off the idea of a lion pride, Lynden Middle also uses PRIDE as an acronym for the character traits of positivity, responsibility, involvement, dependability and effort. Throughout the year students will think about how they can create a legacy in the new building by continuing old traditions and creating new ones.


Isom Elementary

Aim High

With a focus on students having a growth mindset, Isom staff wants students to aim high. Expect to see visual themes connect to the concept throughout the building as staff continues to place importance on students developing a growth mindset.


Lynden High

Rise Up

Each year, ASB students select a theme for the student body. This year, students were thinking about what it means to rise up and work harder in classes and extracurricular activities than ever before, as well as how to rise up and step in to help someone that needs support academically, socially or emotionally. Staff continue to focus on their mission of “all students graduate college, career and citizenship ready.”